Bespoke silicone rubber keypads
Get it right every time. Interface Controls’ know-how and experience with rubber keypad design and techniques enables you to create silicone rubber  keypads with an  optimised look, feel and performance.


Detailing silicone rubber keypads
We apply our technical expertise to guide you through the wide range of options for silicone rubber elastomer keypad design and help you select the right combination of features at the right cost.


Silicone rubber and plastic mouldings
Need custom mouldings – not keypads? Our comprehensive service with design support, fast tooling, prototyping, manufacture and quality control along with competitive cost tooling and production.

Why Interface Controls?

"...An exemplary service that has more than met our expectations in terms of flexibility, delivery, performance, pricing and quality..."

Mike Harris, Tellermate plc.

The Best Of Both Worlds

Local solutions. Global resources.

We manage and control your projects and quality control right here in the UK. Our preferential partnership with overseas manufacturing facilities means that your production costs are driven right down.

Design Sample Keypad for Evaluation

FREE Desktop Design Sample

Our handy desktop design sample is great to use when looking at options for your

silicone rubber keypads.

Fill out the request form and we’ll send one to you without obligation and free of charge.