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Our keypads are seen in banks, laboratories, hospitals and hotels. You’ll find them in homes, office buildings and peoples’ pockets.

Drivers in vehicle cabs, quarry diggers and cars around the world are pressing buttons on silicone rubber keypads that we’ve helped to design and create for all sorts of satisfied clients.

Here are a few of our case studies representing diverse sectors and applications.

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Care-phone Alarm

This wall-mounted unit has been designed for meeting the needs of people in today’s health and social care market. The system enables personal safety and reassurance, protecting vulnerable people and their property even when they are not at home.

The silicone keypad supplied by Interface Controls incorporates a large illuminated alarm button that is built in to the unit, visible in all lighting conditions, and top rated for ease of use by the Research Institute for Consumer Affairs.

Car Horn Assembly

The assembly is embedded in the steering wheel of vehicles made by this major USA car manufacturer. The four-cornered design of this horn assembly enables the driver to activate the horn in a safe, intuitive and responsive manner.

Interface Controls assisted in the design and development of a low-cost, reliable, high quality solution using elastomeric switching and gold contact technology to meet the exacting no-fail safety specifications demanded by the automotive industry.

Food Hygiene Monitoring Instrument

Deemed the most advanced in its class in the world, this award-winning hand-held tool is used to manage hygiene monitoring programs and capture data for analysis. The instrument is highly portable, compact and simple to use and provides rapid results.

The non-conductive keypad for this instrument is produced by Interface Controls. The keypad is designed for thumb-oriented control and gives excellent tactile feel and response – even if the operator is wearing gloves.

Micro-current Therapy Device

The worlds of racing and breeding horses are embracing this innovative device. Developed to reduce pain and suffering by non-invasive means, micro-current technology is employed to promote a healthy quality of life for all animals.

Interface Controls supplied design support and guidance, and manufacture for the bespoke back-lit silicone rubber keypads fitted in each device. Special consideration was given to the profile of the keys to achieve an almost flush appearance whilst maintaining easy and positive actuation.

Hospital Patient Service Centre

The sub-assembler contracted by a Netherlands-based in-room ‘infotainment’ solutions and services provider tasked Interface Controls to contribute to design and production of these multi-function bedside systems. Hospital patients can access communication and entertainment services from a single unit with monitor and user interface.

Large wipe-down surfaces were required for both the front interface panel and the profiled rear grip designed to assist even enfeebled patients to easily adjust the unit’s position.  As these silicone rubber panels would consist of much of the overall external surface area of the units, careful attention was needed to combine the right aesthetic, functional and environmental features. Interface Controls provided various options for field trial that ultimately led to production of robust, durable, and attractive components.

Reworked A/C System Control Switch

This British manufacturer of luxury and designer electrical fittings and accessories had an urgent requirement to rework and improve wall switches for an important order. Being located in high-end hotel environments demanded close attention to the detail and quality of these air conditioning control plates designed to be operated by guests.

The original keys on these plates didn’t pass muster and Interface Controls were asked to present a solution. The project was effectively to reverse engineer a new silicone rubber keypad with plastic keytops.  Our design team quickly prepared CAD drawings and a simple swap-out method was devised to enable an unobtrusive, timely, and successful upgrade.

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